In June 2017, at the plenary session of the Lviv City Council, it was decided to approve the Lviv Culture Development Strategy until 2025. The body responsible for monitoring and implementing of the strategy – theCultural Strategy Institute – is a municipal institution under the authority of the Lviv City Council Development Department

The purpose of the Culture Development Strategy is to define strategic goals, priorities, directions and specific projects that will provide optimally favorable and effective conditions for the spiritual, aesthetic, social development of each person in particular and the city community as a whole by solving the most important tasks of cultural development in the city.

Strategic goals set by the Strategy:

– decentralization of culture: developed modern cultural infrastructure in all areas of the city, creation of active cultural public spaces

– responsible attitude to cultural heritage

– innovative interdisciplinary cultural education, integrated at all educational levels, targeted at all population groups

– culture as a space of dialogue

– effective funding and management in the cultural sphere