The Cultural Strategy Institute, in partnership with the Arts Council “Dialogue”, with grant support of the International Renaissance Foundation, is launching the Culture Code project.

Within the Culture Code, a study of the city’s cultural landscape will be held as well as series of meetings on relevant topics such as trends and activism in culture, cultural policies and ambitions of the city.

The Culture Code is a project on the study of the cultural landscape of Lviv, in particular the institutional capacity of the cultural sphere, its opportunities and role, interaction between participants, co-creators of the cultural process in the city, institutions, environments, artists, local people.

The Culture Code will last six months and presupposes: 
– exploring the cultural landscape of the city, i.e. the interaction and expectations of cultural institutions, city cultural environments and local people. The study involves in-depth interviews with cultural representatives (administration, business, artists, NGOs, institutions, etc.); quantitative survey of the locals (research of their expectations, forms and level of involvement in the cultural life of the city);– a series of open discussions with cultural experts about trends and activism in culture, people-institutions, cultural policies and ambitions of the city, as well as the formality of the status of “cultural capital”
 the art and research part – short videos where people of different professions and experiences will give their definition of “culture”.

The project aims to promote an understanding of the institutional capacity of Lviv’s cultural sector, to develop relevant urban policies and to establish horizontal and vertical links in the cultural field, as well as to involve local people in the creation of cultural life and reformation of formal and non-formal cultural education.

The Culture Code will be of interest to representatives of: municipal and private cultural institutions, the public sector and the cultural environment as a whole, cultural businesses and educational institutions training cultural specialists, as well as for students of relevant specialties. And thanks to the video project, the Culture Code is also oriented towards the city community.

You can follow the project on the Culture Strategy Institute’s Facebook page.