One of the key activities of the Cultural Strategy Institute is to improve the skills of cultural actors in the city, because the productive activity of institutions is impossible without a professional approach and continuous improvement of their employees. The current challenge of the educational process in cultural management is to provide knowledge which is the most relevant to the realities and needs of our time.

Project management blitz courses – as a part of the Strategy’s educational program – provided an opportunity to clarify the issues of effective implementation of the project, aspects of financial management and adequate budgeting.

Yulia Filiak was a speaker- she is a co-founder ofthe Gallery of Scenography in Lviv, a business analyst, co-author of a number of cultural projects with experience in the OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine and beyond. The course has brought together about 50 cultural managers of various fields. During the training several practical projects have been developed and they have the potential to be implemented in the nearest future.

Thus, step by step, openly sharing our experiences and exchanging ideas, we are approaching the consolidation of Lviv’s cultural center and raising the quality level of projects!