We are pleased to announce the selection results of LWOWRO – an educational program for Ukrainian cultural managers!

8 participants were selected from the 30 applications submitted during February  will become familiar with the cultural and artistic Wrocław  institutions and will take part in educational workshops and trainings with international experts.

So, the participants list of the second stage of LWOWRO (in alphabetical order):
Tetiana Bay
Sofiia Hranda
Veronica Homenyuk
Sofiia Korotkevych
Pavlo Koryaga
Anita Nemeth
Irina Rybko
Anastasia Savitskaya

Congratulations and happy to meet you!

Gratitude to all applicants for the interest – it is important not to stop in your development and attempts. Public events are also planned for the duration of the program in Lviv (August, November) – we encourage you to participate. Watch for the next CSI news.

The program is implemented by Strefa Kultury Wroclaw and the Cultural Strategy Institute. Find out more information about the program here.