Cultural Strategy Institute is launching a new project «Legal framework of culture» — a cycle of videos which aim to keep it simple how to legally act in the sphere of culture and art, how to assign copyrights, get projects funding etc. The speaker is  Orest Kravchyk, CSI legal adviser. Check out CSI Facebook and Youtube pages to follow the videos.

Legal framework of culture. Episode 1
Musician and composer wrote a melody and plays it outside in the street. How can he prevent someone doesn’t borrow his melody and does not record it in the studio for the new star album? Orest Kravchyk explains: where copyright arises, what does it mean personal non-property and property rights, how and why should you registre the copyrights?

Legal framework of culture. Episode 2
«I’m an employee of the House of Culture. During the quarantine  we all were sent on “vacation” without fees and bonuses. Did they have a right to do this?»
Together with the lawyer we found out the vacation type, for what categories vacation without saving salary can be classified (or how we say “a leave of abcense”), and which legislative changes were introduced on the quarantine time in this context .

Legal framework of culture. Episode 3
In this episode  you will learn about how to become a private entrepreneur, for example, if you want to establish your own dancing studio: ways of registration, choice of the economic type activities according to the classifier, types of taxation, reporting deadlines and taxing.

Legal framework of culture. Episode 4
Orest Kravchyk is talking about Lviv city grant programs for culture and arts sector. You will learn, in particular, about the urgent evolution directions of competition «Focus on the culture» with regard to express- projects: submission period lasts until July 1. Also about the participation in the annual competition for financial support for the implementation of activities in the culture sector.

Legal framework of culture. Episode 5
In this video we are talking about logotype. What’s going on / not going on when the author was paid for creating a logo? What does it mean to give the property rights for created logo and to giving the rights for using this logo?