Modernism for the Future 360/365 (MoFu) — an international project aimed at (re)thinking the modernist heritage through art will have more than a dozen art residencies, local and international in Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Belgium and Ukraine, in Lviv to be precise!

There will be two residences in our city. And while Kaunas is preparing to send an artist to us — for art-“research” of the House of Trade Unions on Shevchenko Avenue 7 (1929), we open two options for Lviv artists residences in Lviv and Kortrijk.

Artists from different fields who work with space or have such experience can apply to participate. It can be visual art, performance, music projects, interdisciplinary practices etc. — we’re open to any kind of artistic expression! Only artists from Ukraine are allowed to participate. The applications of authors from Lviv or Lviv region will be considered as a matter of priority. The conditions are being interested in the architectural heritage and a desire to promote the value of the modernist heritage through artistic means; willingness to cooperate with residents of relevant architectural objects, interested citizens (their involvement is one of the focuses of MoFu); readiness to publicly present their own art project and join thematic discussions within MoFu. The organizers provide a fee for artist (3000 €), information and technical support.

At the beginning of 2022, all works of art within MoFu will be presented at an exhibition in Lithuania, which will open the Program “Kaunas — European Capital of Culture 2022”. And now let us see the objects:

1. The Gallet’s Building at Kniazha Street, 16 / Lviv.
This building has a unique level of preservation for our city and is a very interesting object. The house was built in 1930 (architect Tadeusz Wrubel) for the Gallet family. Today, there are private flats, one of which preserves many original elements of the interior and life, such as a washbasin, wallpaper or a switch designed in the Bauhaus. To imagine this unique atmosphere of almost a century ago, we invite you to read the text on the CSI website and “go” on a tour with Myroslava Liakhovych, who joined the MoFu project as a researcher of modernism.

Details:, photos Application form here: Deadline — January 15, 2022. The period of residencies is two weeks during March-April 2021.

Building #16 at Kniazha Street, 16 / Lviv. Photo: Myroslava Liakhovych

2. The Resurrection Chapel / Kortrijk, Belgium
The Resurrection Chapel was built in the early 1960s. It is located in the garden of the Lyceum of Our Lady of Flanders. It was built to replace an old school chapel that was destroyed during World War II. The architect was Andre De Smet — an artist by education, an art teacher who mastered architectural design on his own. It was a progressive and innovative design at the time. Interestingly, the style of the chapel also influenced how the additional premises for school were later built. This year the chapel is being transformed into a full-fledged parish church. You can find more about the object here, photos And here is the application form:

We are waiting for applications until January 15. The period of residencies is two weeks during May-July 2021.

The Resurrection Chapel in Kortrijk, Belgium. Photo given by Intercommunale Leiedal

What the artist can expect from the project / what the project team expects from the artist.

Conditions and period of residence:

  • realization of the residence — spring 2021; coordination of the exact date and conditions of the trip to Kortrijk will take place later, in accordance with the current epidemiological situation (fee, technical and information support, the cost of working with the archive will be provided)
  • the fee includes a monetary reward for the artist’s participation in the project, and if necessary can be used for housing. For the participant of the international residence the flight is paid by the project organizers.

Working creative process

  • providing the artist with creative freedom; the artist has to inform, clarify / advice with the project team about technical, research, communication aspects of the project implementation
  • willingness to collaborate with researchers, project coordinator and team, other local project partners (interested institutions, NGOs)
  • The audience involvement (local residents or interested citizens in the art project) is necessarily (we advice using one of the methods: semi-structured interview, unstructured interview, descriptive observation, included observation or focus groups — the project researcher will help to determine). In total, the artist must involve at least 8 participants in their artistic research, implementation and presentation of the project.
  • participation in 1 discussion of the project on the theme of rethinking and actualization of the legacy of modernism
  • public presentation of your project in the city of residence after its completion


  • the copyright for the project belongs to the artist
  • property rights belong to Kaunas 2022 (as a partner-leader of the MoFu project) and the Institute of Cultural Strategy (as a partner of the MoFu project in Lviv): the artist grants a non-exclusive license to use artwork at the exhibition in Kaunas (January 2022) and to promote the project “Modernism for future 360/365 “on various media channels, thematic forums (the possibility of transporting the work to Kaunas 2022, if it is provided, or another form of its representation in Lithuania, at the opening of the program “Kaunas — European Capital of Culture 2022”)
  • the artist has the right to use the work independently after consulting the Cultural Strategy Institute and obtaining permission from Kaunas 2022 orally or in writing form (in case of force majeure, which does not allow the artist to implement an art project, the artist notifies CSI by e-mail within 7 working days; the partner institution informs the artist in case of force majeure, which prevents the financing of the art project).

Good luck! For additional information, please contact the project coordinator in Lviv Yaryna Korotkevych, [email protected]

Modernism for the Future 360/365 — international project of Kaunas 2022 (Kaunas, Lithuania), Intercommunale Leiedal (Kortrijk, Belgium), Vaizard (Brno, Czech Republic) and Cultural Strategy Institute in Lviv — implemented with the grant support of the EU program Creative Europe.