In order to conduct research on the cultural sphere of the city and to monitor the implementation of the Strategy, the Cultural Strategy Institute conducts a sociological study,main purpose of which is to identify the cultural landscape – to identify the main actors who shape the cultural profile of Lviv.

The very concept of culture is very broad and has a number of ramifications and interpretations, in order to study this phenomenon, first of all, it is necessary to outline the main actors, in other words – the object of a study.

At present, no integrated base of the city’s cultural actors has been formed in Lviv, which would unite private, municipal, regional, national institutions and initiatives operating in the city, and, accordingly, no comprehensive studies of this field have been carried out, since without such a base it is unknown whom to explore.

By actors we mean institutions that preserve and enhance cultural heritage, create a cultural product (tangible and/or intangible) and/or carry out an educational function in the cultural sphere.

The database will function as an information catalog, as a tool for analysis (including spatial, resource, thematic), as a point of reference for further focused research.

The follow-up of the study should be a monitoring of the implementation of the Lviv Culture Development Strategy 2025. Initial data collection began in 2019, and regular monitoring of the Strategy’s performance indicators in future should take place every two years.

The research will consist of several parts:

1. Formation of a base of cultural actors.

2. A sociological survey of representatives of cultural institutions and initiatives inLviv.

3. A sociological survey of Lviv citizensabout their involvement in the cultural life of the city.